Friday, January 14, 2011

Thrifty Finds

The white thing (I have no idea what it is) was $4. It's just so beautifully detailed and looks to me like it would make a gorgeous doll bed someday, that I couldn't leave it there. I bought three books at $2 a piece and True Believer by Nicholas Sparks for $3. I also bought some t-shirts for my son but those were already on the way to the wash by the time I took this picture. Lastly the beautiful wooden pedestal tray was a curbside find!! Saw it right across the street from my apartment building when I came home from shopping (I ran to grab it). It just need a bit of sanding down (there is one gouge out of the top) and maybe a coat of spray paint depending on the look I decide to go for.
Have you found any treasures at the thrift store recently?

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