Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband

Yes the photo is a bit blurry but I like it because you can see the joy in my daughter's face at the thought of chocolate cupcakes. She is completely obsessed with birthdays so tonight was very exciting for her.
I took a regular chocolate cupcake recipe (I just googled it, but I can't remember which recipe I ended up using) and made an incredible topping with some red wine, blackberries and dark chocolate. You can taste the alcohol in the topping (it's subtle and I made sure the piece I gave my daughter didn't have a lot of the topping) and the blackberry seeds give some nice texture. The one thing that really takes it to the next level is the chocolate. I used Trader Joe's dark chocolate chips (non-dairy) the quality of their chocolate chips (and for that price) is great, it's better then any other chocolate chips I've tasted before (I'm sure there is better quality out there, but not so sure about better within the Kosher variety.)

Just a BTW the adorable candelabra birthday candle holder was found at Target in the clearance section.

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