Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier For $1

wig: // t-shirt: gap resized // skirt: jean paul gaultier (& roughed up a bit) // shoes: reebok via tj maxx // sunnies: thrifted

I bought these sunnies yesterday at my local thrift store while sifting through the bin of glasses. Sometimes you can find real treasures in those bins of dirty looking stuff. These are really comfortable and best part they were $3. Wearing them make me feel ready for the summer (the white rims) especially with all this 80 degree weather we are having in the middle of January.
I got a package from my mother yesterday and it had this skirt in it. My mom likes to shop (that's putting it mildly). She is a master bargain shopper and one of the places she frequents (especially when they are having a $1 sale) is called Opitz Outlet. At Opitz they have samples from showrooms and return and rejects from designers and department stores. This skirt had a snakelike chain sewn to the longest parts of the skirt on either side, but the chain was broken. There is also a loop on the bum of the skirt. Try as I might I just can't figure out how it was meant to be worn (I cut off the chain).

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