Monday, January 17, 2011

Real Homes, Real Messes, Real Life… Link Party

wig: // t-shirt: made by me // cardigan: target thrifted // skirt: lands end thrifted // shoes: nine west

It's about 80 degrees outside today so that got me all inspired to dress more summery. It doesn't really make sense to me that it could be 80 degrees in January, I grew up in Minnesota, but that's LA and I love it!

I'm linking up to Decor Chick's Real Homes, Real Messes, Real Life… Link Party

and since for the life of me I can't figure out how to do the whole linking button thing here is a link to the Real Homes, Real Messes, Real Life… Link Party

It seemed kind of counter productive to me to be taking pictures of my mess rather then cleaning it up, but since on a regular day I have to bribe myself to wash the dishes, i now have an excuse not do do them. I need to take picture of my dirty dishes and upload them to my blog yay!
First up my kid's room/ storage room

my desk (my son has a runny nose so there are lots of tissues around this place)

he is also going through the stage where playing with toys mean just dumping everything on the floor

dirty dishes etc...

and yes this is my bedroom (the laundry is all clean) we had to go searching for matching socks before school this morning

After seeing all the other posts of real (messy) homes my neat freak self feels less guilty and more 'normal' about the everyday state of my apartment at the moment.


  1. I love to know that I am not such a slacker, some amount of mess is normal :-)

  2. Normal for sure :)