Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fishy the 3rd

scarf: vintage echo (it's a favorite) // t-shirt: gap (i resized it, tutorial on that coming soon) // skirt: gap // crocs: gifted

Last night my husband left for Vegas with one of his friends. They went for his birthday (which was last week) and will be back tomorrow morning. I took the kids to Petco this morning to look at the fish (my daughter finds this very entertaining) and of course I ended up buying a fish. Every time I am on my own with the kids for the whole day Sunday I end up going to Petco and looking at the fish and most time we buy one. In the past it has always been a goldfish, but this time my daughter told me that she didn't want a goldfish she wanted a purple one. We didn't get a purple fish, we got a turquoise one, but it was with her approval. The pictures don't do our new fishy justice, he is quite a beauty. And yes his name will probably be 'fishy' (just like our last 2 fish) my daughter has not yet reached the stage where she can actually think of a real name. So I present to you Fishy the 3rd.

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