Monday, January 10, 2011

Fancy Lady

wig: // t-shirt: papaya // cardigan: target // skirt: land's end thrifted // shoes: steve madden via ross

I didn't actually wear those heals the whole day, sometimes I like to put on a pair of heals when I'm washing the dishes (the higher the heal, the better). I will also sometimes put on bright red lipstick. It may seem a little crazy but it just makes the whole experience more fun. Wearing a pair of 3 inch heals while you are washing the dishes can take away the tediousness of it. I don't know about you but washing dishes every day really gets to me and I try to push it off as much as I can. If I add something fun to the experience (like the heals and lipstick) it can kinda take me to a different place. It makes me feel like a fancy lady. Of course after I collapse on the couch and rub my feet for a few minutes before I go put my crocs back on.
Do any of you ever do stuff like that when doing your housework? (If there is anyone else who reads this blog...)

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