Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Frames A Sale & More

I always forget to take before pictures, but this time I was so sure that I already had one, turns out I didn't. So its just a picture of how I redid the pictures in my living room. I know the couch is messy but i didn't feel like fixing it up for the picture. They are all dollar store frames except for the 2 scrolly looking ones. they are Umbra frames that were on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond for $1.25!!

I came into my bedroom and found E holding my box of pins. This is what happens whne you forget to move everything to the middle of the table after finishing your sewing. At least he didn't hurt himself, he got very upset when I took them away.

wig: aura from // top: made by me // skirt: gap via it's a wrap ($2 and worn on the show dexter) // belt: it's a wrap // shoes: nine west // socks: target kids department

scarf: // t-shirt: made by me // skirt: land's end thrifted // shoes: banana republic // socks: target kids department // earrings: banana republic

We went shopping on Sunday and Banana Republic was having a sale 50% off sale items, you should go check it out. There were lots of beautiful stuff at very reasonable prices.


  1. Several pieces of my wardrobe are Banana Republic, but most are from the thrift store. I love their clothes. Bet you had fun at the sale!

  2. Nice outfits and I really like your scarf!