Monday, January 24, 2011

Date Night

jacket: miss sixty via // top: made by me // skirt:h&m // boots: steve madden

Yesterday we went to the Beverly Center and when walking around in H&M I saw so many things that I liked. However as things usually go I didn't buy anything there. I liked the overall look of many of the outfits paired on the mannequins but the individual pieces just wouldn't work for me. This outfit was inspired by those looks. I'm very happy to see that stripes are back in for spring and the classic American style.
After we put the kids to bed my husband and I went on date. We saw No Strings Attached which was the perfect movie to keep my husband and me both entertained. After we went to La SeIne (on Restaurant Row). We sat at the bar this time and while sitting there I thought I saw Alex from Top Chef Season 7. Well yes it was him, Alex Reznik is the chef at La SeIne. You probably remember him as the chef from the infamous pea puree incident. On the show I didn't really like him. He was one of those people I kept on thinking "and why is he still here, kick him off!" (I know they edit the shows to get you to like and dislike certain contestants.) Now that I have eaten his food I think of him differently. I mean I'm no Top Chef, but I did think the food was good even before I knew there was a fancy chef there.

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