Monday, February 7, 2011


beret: parkhurst via // t-shirt: papaya // sweater vest: thrfited // skirt: gifted and altered by me // flip flops: old navy
Things have been pretty crazy around here lately, we had relatives visiting last week and when they left A got sick. By the time she got better we were getting ready for the weekend. My husband is a caterer and prep for the weekend is his busy time so Wednesday and Thursday are very busy and sometimes I don't see him Thursday or Friday until right before Shabbos starts (this past week was a busy week for him). We went to Chuck E Cheese again yesterday and on the way home E got sick in the car. Whats with Chuck E Cheese and my kids getting sick (it's not like we eat the food there anyways, we just go for the rides and games).
Lately business has been getting busier for me as well. I work for (yes that is where my wigs are from) and have been getting a lot more inquires from customers and dealing with customers that have been more time consuming then usual. With all this going on I need to figure out how to fit blogging into a busier schedule, I have really been enjoying this and I know life will get busy sometimes it's just a matter of time management which I haven't been so great at lately

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