Friday, February 4, 2011

Thrifty Finds & Purim Ideas

With Purim coming up (it come out on March 20th this year) I decided to start thinking about what costumes to make for my children. I know that A will definitely want to be Queen Esther once she starts to learn the story of Purim in school and with that decided I figured I might as well have E dress up as Mordechai. To give myself some ideas of how they dressed in that time and place, last night I watched One Night With the King. I know it can't be completely correct about the type of clothing they wore but I have decided I don't want to do a stereotypical princess dress.
With this in mind I went thrifting today and this is what I found.

I know the dress and tiara aren't really along the same lines as what i was thinking of but for $1.99 each I just couldn't leave them. The dress is too big and will need some alterations and a good cleaning. There is also a spot on the front of the dress where the velvet is rubbed off. I hope that when I am finished with all my alterations the dress will look more like the style I had in mind. I want it to go with E's costume. I already have a picture in my head of how I want to do that (and I have the fabric).
I was happy to see that all the rhinestones (or crystals... I'm not sure what it is) on the tiara are still intact and for $1.99 I couldn't leave it.

I think I'm going to dress up as Vashti as she is the only other main female character in the story of Purim, but I'm not sure what my husband should dress up as. He will be working on Purim day (he is a chef) so his costume needs to be something he can wear while working. He doesn't want a very out there costume and I don't know what I could do for King Achashverosh or Hamman, any ideas?

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