Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Makeup For Mommy?

I guess in order for my daughter to realize that she is not allowed to play with mommy's make up she has to have one big mishap a year. Last year she took a hard to find cream blush and smushed it into the netted walls of her brother's pack 'n play while we were sleeping (I tried everything to get it out and there is still a slight stain). I still don't really use that blush even though there is a bit left.
This afternoon while I was entertaining E she decided to put on nail polish by herself. My favorite polish for the past few months is Sinful Colors Pink a beautiful neon pink that A decided to mix into my clear polish and paint it with silver glitter all over her fingers (not nails, fingers). I usually paint her nails after I cut them (as an incentive to get her to sit nicely). After I took off the mix of polish from her hands I cut her nails and told her it would be a while before she would get nail polish again.
Do your kids get into your make up? What do they do with it? How do you try and get them to understand that make up is only for mommy?
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